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1. If you could change your name, what would it be?


it’s my mom’s name. i’ve thought about changing it a couple of times, mainly because no one outside of czech r. can pronounce my real name (kateřina). and i don’t really like this czech version of katherine. i do like the short version of it (kačí) but that’s only for my family and close friends to use and it is not universal.. so since i moved outside of CR i go with ‘kat’ but i can not really use when i’m back there.

2. What’s your best childhood memory?

when my sister was born. i was in the 1st grade and i remember i came home from school and my grandma told me i had a little sister and i was so happy because i secretly wanted it to be a girl :)

3. What is the best thing that happened to you this past month?

seeing my family again, making plans for upcoming events in april and summer and getting the greatest birthday present <33

4. Something beside clothes and shoes that you always wear

hair tie around my wrist (or in my hair)

5. What are you the most afraid of?

time taking away what i have now

6. Favorite food?

anything italian, esp pasta with lots of cheese, and czech dishes my grandma makes, preferably with dumplings

7. How tall are you?

173 cm

8. Do you believe in luck?

that’s a tricky one. it really depends on the definition of luck? 

it’s all about coincidences which may come out positively or negatively for certain ppl and it is all based on probability. and when probability is in someone’s favor, ppl tend to call it good luck. this is how i use this word as well, simply to describe an event that went well without any influence of the involved person. but i don’t really believe in existence of luck as a higher power that influences lives of ppl. i rather incline to the reality that ppl are able attrack positive/negative things, either by the means of their actions or even unconsciously. so what i do believe in can be better described as ‘everyone is the maker of their own fate/good luck/hapiness’, meaning you can raise the chances/probability of something good or bad happening to you  …..i hope this makes some sense:) 

9. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

this kris dude with a surname full of consonants?

10. Ultimate celebrity crush?

idk the chick from your sidebar maybe^^

11. What kind of blogs do you follow that are not tv shows-related?

cat blogs

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2. your first otp and how old were you

3. 5 things about your closest friend

4. the happiest you’ve ever been was when..

5. a photo of one favorite place you’ve been to

6. favorite childrens book when you were little

7. something that made you laugh recently

8. your favorite dessert or candy

9. do you collect something?

10. what makes ppl beautiful to you?

11. why are you so perfect? <3

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